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Pipette Calibration Service

The principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) state that laboratory equipment should be periodically inspected, cleaned, maintained, and calibrated according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Records of these activities should be maintained. To help you fulfill the GLP or quality system requirements such as ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, Biohit offers you different levels of pipette calibration and performance testing services:
  • Basic Performance Testing
  • Pipette Calibration
  • Full ISO 8655 Level Calibration
  • Accredited Calibration
  • Precalibration ("As Found" Performance Test)

The testing for pipettes is done gravimetrically according to DIN 12650-6/ISO8655-6 standards under strictly controlled conditions by qualified and experienced personnel. Biohit maintains and expands a worldwide network of accredited calibration laboratories.

Note: Calibration service portfolio offered by Biohit Certified Service Centers may differ country by country.