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Quanta Calibration Software
Pipetting calibration and repair service for all makes, all models and all volumes

Pipette calibration, maintenance and repair services

Besides pipettes and tips, Sartorius Biohit provides a comprehensive list of related calibration, maintenance and repair services to extend the lifetime and ensure the continuous accuracy and precision of your liquid handling instruments. 

Precision instruments such as pipettes comprise a great variety of mechanical and electronic parts. These parts are naturally subject to wear and damage over time, for example:

  • The piston surface can deteriorate, wear or corrode over time.
  • Tip cones are subject to chemical corrosion and wear, especially in the tip sealing area.
  • Batteries of electronic pipettes do not last forever and must be replaced regularly.

Avoid these problems by carrying out regular maintenance and calibration. This will help maintain the functionality and performance (inaccuracy and imprecision) of your pipette.

According to extensive experience and research by Sartorius Biohit, failure rates can be significantly reduced if a regular and scheduled preventive maintenance program is carried out on the pipettes. In addition, the pipette life-time can easily be extended through regular service and replacement of critical components.

In addition to service and calibration Sartorius Biohit offers a full range of technical training and consultation to partners and service providers ranging from technical courses to full turn-key calibration laboratory deliveries.