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rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module

The Biohit rLINE is a unique dispenser module designed for various liquid handling automation applications.

Rather than being a range of products, the Biohit rLINE pipette is an OEM platform which can be tailored to various requirements in order to fit your needs perfectly!

See the rLINE Robotic Dispenser video!

The rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module has been developed as an ideal front-end liquid handling tool for robotic sample processing. This outstanding product line combines numerous unique and innovative features, like electronic tip ejection and Optiload tip pick-up to improve high quality performance and functionality of sample processors and automated instrumentation. All the Biohit rLINEs are extremely small and lightweight.

The rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module is offered as OEM platform for tailored products ranging from 1 to 1000 µl as single-channel and 1 to 1200 µl as 8-channel. Additionally, a 250 µl single-channel version is available off-the-shelf for evaluation and feasibility purposes. Robotic 250 µl tips in robotic racks are also available off-the-shelf.

The rLINE platform features and options:

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Zero cross contamination 
  • Integrated electronic tip ejector
  • Versatile serial interface (RS-232 & RS-485 & CANBUS) 
  • Low voltage, low current consumption
  • Liquid level sensor
  • Micro volume dispensing option