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Pipetting Modes

Pipetting (P)
Pipette a selected volume with automatic blow-out and with complete control of the piston movement. *Post-delivery mixing may be used in conjunction with this mode.
Can be perfomed with Picus and eLINE.

Reverse Pipetting (rP)
A selected volume plus an excess is aspirated into the tip. After delivery the excess volume remains in the tip and is discarded.

Can be perfomed with Picus and eLINE.

Super Pipetting (SP)
The liquid dispensing force enables the liquid to be dispensed from the air emptying the tip completely.

Can be perfomed with eLINE 0.1 - 5 µl

Multiple Dispensing (d)
Aspirate the total volume plus an excess and repetitively dispense equal volumes of liquid. The volume and number of remaining aliquots are shown on the display.

Can be perfomed with Picus and eLINE.

Diluting (dd)
Two different solutions separated by an air gap are aspirated and then dispensed together with automatic blow out. This mode may be used also in conjunction with post-delivery mixing (dd+MIXING).

Can be perfomed with Picus and eLINE.

Sequential Dispensing (Sd)
A series of different volumes can be delivered in any desired order. A most useful feature when performing dilution series.

Can be perfomed with Picus and eLINE (excl. eLINE 0.1 - 5µl).

Automatic Dispensing (Ad)
This mode is similar to the multiple dispensing mode but has the additional benefit of the dispensing cycles being under automatic control at a user specified pace (0.1-9.9 seconds).

Can be perfomed with Picus and eLINE.

Multi-Aspirating (SA)
Select the volume and the number of aspirations desired. Repeat the aspiration until the series is completed, then discard the full aspirated volume in a single step.

Can be perfomed with Picus and eLINE.

Post-Delivery Mixing
The piston is automatically moved up and down to mix the liquid in the delivery vessel. The mixing time is controlled by the start button. The mixing function is available in the pipetting or diluting modes (P+MIXING, dd+MIXING).

Can be perfomed with Picus and eLINE.