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Pipetting Academy

Pipetting Academy help you achieve better results and more comfortable working postures

  • How often do you consider the pain of pipetting may be related to the instrument or techniques you use when working in the lab?
  • Have you considered new or updated instruments to improve your pipetting experience or work?

Pipetting Academy - a new training program that will help you improve health and safety in the lab

  • Be guided through the essentials of laboratory ergonomics.
  • Gain a better understanding of the ergonomic risks in the laboratory environment and pipetting in particular. 
  • Perform better without compromising your health and safety.
  • Use your tools in a more efficient way and improve health, safety and performance in the lab.
  • Be able to instruct your employees on how to avoid strain injuries and make work more enjoyable.

In addition to the Pipetting Academy training seminars, a wide range of videos and presentation helps you understand the essential issues in ergonomics, the most important in pipetting techniques and all you should know about calibration and ISO 8655 standards!

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