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Pipettes Electronic

World leader in hand-held electronic pipettors

The majority of the electronic pipettes used in laboratories worldwide have been developed by Biohit. Since Biohit launched the first ergonomically designed electronic pipette in 1990, these pipettes have become the standard for liquid handling in many laboratories.

We focus on safety, user-friendliness, ergonomics, and efficiency in pipetting. The electronic operation makes pipetting both faster and more accurate - and reduces the risk of Repetive Strain Injuries (RSI). Biohit pipettes features several patents, such as the DC-motor concept that improves accuracy and precision, and electronic tip ejection.

Choose from two electronic pipette families:

  • Picus - New ergonomic pipette designed to revolutionise your pipetting
  • eLINE - Proven performance and ergonomics

Biohit's pipettes are used globally in pharmaceutical laboratories,  research institutions, universities, health care and industrial laboratories, f
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