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Bottle-Top Dispensers

The easy-to-use Prospensers deliver trouble-free and reliable dispensing of liquids including strong acids, bases and solvents. All models are fitted with an anti-drip safety valve or a closure cap,  a feature which guards against drips when the Prospenser is not in use. A fine adjustment mechanism allows for even greater reproducibility for repeat dispensing. Easy-to-adjust calibration mechanism.

The streamlined Biotrate Digital Burette and dispenser delivers accurate, precise and convenient bottle-top-titration as well as optimum operator safety.

Choose the Bottle-Top Dispenser you need:

Prospenser Bottle-Top Dispenser -Bottle-Top Dispenser with Anti-drip valve
Proline Prospenser Bottle-Top Dispenser - Easy-to-use Bottle-Top-Dispenser
Biotrate Digital Burette - Accurate, precise and convenient bottle-top titration