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Sartorius Biohit pays particular attention to the environmental impact of its operations. We aim to develop and manufacture products that will cause as little environmental loading as possible throughout their entire life cycles. Investments are made in state-of-the-art technology to make more effective use of raw material and generate less waste. We use the best possible manufacturing technology.

How we do it in practice?

  • All package material is suitable for recycling as energy waste
  • Package sizes are made as small as possible in order to use less material and make logistics more efficient
  • We use environmentally friendly plastics since 1994 (no cadmium)
  • Our pipette tips and boxes are 100 % recyclable

  • Our mLINE and Proline Plus mechanical pipettes are more than 90 % recyclable. In our electronic liquid handling devices we use environmentally friendly batteries since 1996 (no cadmium).

  • WEEE / RoHS compliant products - the recycling of our electronic pipettes is controlled by national authorities (SELT Association in Finland).